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2010 Filtering squatting toilet

A waste separating squatting toilet that filters effluent while channeling excreta to a methane digester in the Microbial Home system.

The concept of the filtering squatting toilet incorporates a handrail to support a person (and improve comfort) in the squatting position. The filter array, comprised of charcoal, sand and ceramic filters, supports a range of plants to clean effluent.

The flush mechanism is based on the 1 litre flush toilet technique developed by the Sulabh Foundation in India.The concept is sustainable and ecological. It uses no energy, is water saving and non-polluting. The system is designed to show the energy value in human waste and raise awareness about wasting water. It provokes discussion and evaluation of toilet taboos and ablution habits. It draws attention to the necessary systemic shift from utility dependent sanitation systems to regenerative localized solutions that see waste as a necessary part of a domestic eco-system.

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