vhm design Futures - Sustainability

2011 Livable Cities

In 1900, fewer than 10% of the world lived in cities. By 2050, 70% of the population will be urban, many living in megacities. This project looks at developing appropriate technologies for urban dwelling within the formal and informal developments in cities.

Two self sustaining micro living dwelling were developed the first an optimum bio pod, a 15 m2 micro dwelling designed as an eco-system of natural and efficient processes that harness and generate much of a familys resource/utility needs while minimizing the waste generated in our homes. Inspired by nature the design relies heavily on bio-mimicry techniques to lessen its dependence on external resources.

The second is a simple DIY Pod constructed of simple frame structure, could be self assembled, modular solutions could form the basis of small micro financed local businesses.

Both use the same natural air cooling system utilises principle of solar chimney which uses the convection of air heated by solar energy, to ventilate buildings.

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