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2009 Wake up light

Combining a reading lamp with an alarm clock, the new Wake-up Light offers a more pleasant way to wake up by gradually illuminating as it turns on to simulate a sunrise and follow the natural rhythm of the body.

The Wake-up Light concept was initially presented at the 2006 Simplicity Event where a number of ideas that envisioned Philips’ Design’s brand promise of Sense and Simplicity were shown.

With reference to an iconic lampshade in terms of shape and materials used (glass, ceramics and metals), the Wake-up Light was designed to be a desirable interior object rather than a technology device. Its flush, modern shape and clean neutral design subtly hide the advanced technology.

The display panel is inside the product rather than on the outside as on a traditional alarm clock, making the product less obtrusive. Housing the display icons in this way, the Light offers a look and feel of utter simplicity, eliminates a sense of clutter, and integrates seamlessly into any bedroom environment. The on and off button, a long, metal switch that protrudes from the Light, has been designed to be very visual and easily accessible. It allows the user to see the status of the alarm from across the room. It is also used to turn the lamp on and off.

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