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Despite a globally-expressed desire for a healthy life, we are seeing increases around the world in obesity, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea and eating disorders. Is this happening because our ageing population is living longer and increasing the chance of contracting these diseases? Or is it due, as many medical experts believe, to our lifestyle habits, to the way we lead our lives and the choices we make ?

Care for your body - Sensory therapies to energizing and rejuvenate you body.

These proposed solutions seek to provide people with scientifically proven - yet engaging and relaxing - body and skin care activities originating from the professional domain of ‘wellness’, and reinterpreted for the domestic environment. ‘care for you body’ explores new way of energizing and rejuvenating they body, using calming, therapeutic rituals controlled by minimal movements that invite people to slow down and let themselves fully relax.

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