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2008 Sunshine

Energizing light and natural light rhythms inside the home. Sunshine is a large, wall-mounted disk whose changing light qualities help prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder by positively affecting the ‘bio-clocks’ of people in its vicinity. Sunshine both compensates for the lack of light from outside and lets people make use of its energizing blue light mode when they feel especially tired.

Sunshine ‘senses’ the level of light outside - as well as the color ‘temperature’ and compensates for both indoors when needed. Its outer ‘ambilight’ ring projects onto the wall and constantly changing glow that mimics natural light rhythms and engenders a pleasant ‘outside-in’ feeling for people close by. Its overall surface also emits a bright, yellowish light when it is dark outside to ensure that you have the right amount of light inside during the day.

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