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2008 self health

The Self Health Probe looks at different approaches to the medical issues facing us today from curative to preventive health, from pharmacological to naturopathic diet based solutions and from clinical to home care.

 Reconnecting with the body
The Self Health Probe team tracked and interpreted issues such as; the shift in emphasis from curative to preventative medicine, the role of the mind-body connection in health, differences in cultural perception of health, modern lifestyle diseases, possibilities and issues of self-diagnosis and trust mechanisms.

This research uncovered questions about our relationship with our bodies and how people might be challenged to take more responsibility and interest in their health to prevent future illness

The Tree of Life Urn reminds us of the long term consequences of our unhealthy lifestyles. The speed of ‘growth’, and the shape that is created reflects our health and wellbeing. Bio-metric data is transformed into tangible 3D data.

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