philips - Lighting

2006 light chimes

Drawing on peoples’s affinity with nature, Light Chimes detect changes in the breeze and temperature and translate them into captivating pattens of swirling light. Light Chimes blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the home, making the invisible visible through the medium of light. Although they appear to be a group of lights, each chime reacts individually to the elements, thus creating random pattens of light.

Position the light Chimes so that their build-in sensors make the light glow more intensely when a breeze passes through them and their colors changes in response to the temperature. When a number of Light Chimes are places together in a garden, you can literally ‘see’ the breeze pass through them. And when the temperature rises, the color of the light grows ‘cooler’; when it decreases, the light grows ‘warmer’.

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